OOO PKP “TERCZ” LTD has UIC/EUR license for production of EUR pallets according to standard UIC 435-2. All pallets are marked with a special sign (guard) which pressed quality sign, palletisation is made from dried wood, the humidity 18-22 per cent and on request can be handled by the high temperature in accordance with the requirements of ISPM 15/IPPC with supporting this mark. Wood pallets meets all standards and requirements of the UIC 435-2. Depending on the location of the cargo tray withstands the weight of 1000 to 4000 kg.

66-1EUR 1 pallets
Dimensions: 1200x800x145 mm.
Pallet weight: 25 kg.
Load: 2490 kg.
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66-2EUR 2 trays
Dimensions: 1200x1000x144 mm.
Pallet weight: 33 kg.
Load: 1470 kg.


66-3EUR 3 pallets
Dimensions: 1200x1000x144 mm.
Pallet weight: 29 kg.
Load: 1920 kg.
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66-4EUR 6 trays
Dimensions: 800x600x144 mm.
Pallet weight: 12 kg.
Load: 1084 kg.